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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 7, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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two rare hurricanes about to hit the big island back-to-back. schools are closed and shelters have been set up. it has been more than 20-years since a hurricane hit the state. >> good morning maria. >> good morning heather and ainsley. it is rare for a hurricane to hit hawaii and more rare to see two storms back-to-back here potentially making land fall across hawaii. we are confident the first storm iselle will be coming in later tonight across hawaii. it is not only a concern because of the wind at 90 miles per hour but also the amount of rainfall we could be seeing up to a foot of rain is expected. the storm surge and wind is a concern as well. category 1 hurricane across the big island. we have hurricane warnings in
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effect. look at the forecast. maximum sustained winds at 80 miles per hour. you will be seeing gusts possibly 50 miles over that. it will be a big impact as we head to later in this evening. we are anticipating hurricane winds with hurricane iselle. hurricane julio maximum sustained winds at 100 miles per hour. the big news is it is tracking more off to the north so we are not expecting land fall there. after having one storm there any outer rain bands could be a big issue for hawaii. >> thank you very much maria.>> new information about the oregon mother found dead after missing for 17 days. police say jennifer houston committed suicide. her body discovered in a remote area 25 miles from her house with an empty box of sleeping
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pills and a note for her family. she died close to where she we know the missing her grieving family saying quote our hearts ache today. we don't know what led jennifer to this dark place and to this end and perhaps never will understand this. >> day one of the closing arguments of the blade runner oscar pistorius murder trial. south africa does not have trial by jury. if pistorius is convicted of pre-meditated murder he faces 25 years hined bars. headed to the polls for a rare thursday primary in tennessee. lamar alexander facing six challengers. at the top of the list state
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representative joe carr. if he can pull off the upset he would be the first to knock off a senator in this year's mid term. alexander leads in both of the polls and fundraising. >> right now a plane is in the air bringing the body of two star army general harold greenback home to dover air force base. this as we learn some new information about the insider attack in afghanistan which killed him. peter doocy is live in washington. what are we learning this morning? >> major general harold green is almost home. his remains left bagram air base and will arrive in the next few hours. they will receive his remains and a funeral will be at arlington national cemetery minutes away from the falls church virginia home greene left when he deployed. he grew up in new york. ags on state buildings will be
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flown on half staff to honor the highest ranking officer during the 13 year war in afghanistan. the investigation into the attack on greene is finding greene was part of a group standing outside of the building. a shooter was hidden inside pointed a machine gun at the group and started fighting. the chief of staff is saying that his top priority is taking care of greene's family and the family of the others injured during this insider attack. >> thank you, peter. the cdc issuing the highest alert in response to the deadly ebola outbreak. the legal one response means increased staff and resources will be devoted to the outbreak. the family of nurse nancy writbol says this. we were able to spend a few minutes with her to encourage
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her and be encouraged her condition. she expressed concern for us above and beyond her own circumstances. >> sergeant bergdahl faces more questions from the army investigator today. they are reading his rights during his first interview yesterday. bergdahl answered all of the questions asked. fellow sell desoldiers accuse h of deserting his post. russian retaliation vladmir putin hitting back against countries imposing sanctions over the ukraine crisis by banni6é,ç imports. the president says sanctions are working. >> that's what he says. now we know that russian troops are massing along the border here with ukraine. we know that russia talked about
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imposing new economic sanctions against economic products. our sanctions targeting russia are having an impact. >> the sanctions are working as intended in putting enormous strain on the russian economy. if you look at projections for russian growth you are seeing the economy has ground to a halt. >> eastern ukraine, meantime, remains a war zone. the fighting has gotten so intense that the investigators had to temporarily stop their work. all eyes on vladmir putin who's troop movement show he may intend invasion. >> it is not tomorrow but people
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should understand and begin to look at the implications of the failure of america to act internationally and how it would impact us here at home. that i would lay at obama' door. >> russian sanctions include imports of meat, fish, milk and fruit. >> columnist krauthammer is talking. he's weighing in on president obama's reaction or lack of reaction to chuck hagel warning russia could invade ukraine at any moment. >> he is so passive and so uninterested in the crisis his own secretary of defense is highlighting. if you deter another great power you have to be serious. this president to responded with nothing, there's nothing we can do we will wait and sees worse than doing nothing. at least if he had been the have appeared.
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russia watches this and says, is this what we are up against? then make the calculations entirely on what's happening on the ground. >> in other news for you the irs quietly changing regulations to allow more illegals to keep their tax payer status. abolishing mandatory expiration dates the irs presents people's identification number from automatically expiring after five years. that means immigrants can now keep their id number as long as they pay taxes at least once in a five year period. >> a major home landed security contractor hacked. the company that handles back growned checks says the computer systems were compromised and it has all of the markings of a state sponsored attack. they have suspended all work with the company as the fbi
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investigates. >> the power of people exploding on-line. they ship between the train and the platform while boarding. passengers jump into action to help push the train out of the way. now these branned new images also going viral showing a close-up of the man. thanks to fellow commuters he was quickly freed. would you have done the same thing? go to facebook or twitter. tiger woods pronounces himself pain-free and ready to compete in the championship one week after he pulled himself out of the bridge stone invitational. it was u unrelated to the back surgery that forced him to miss two championships. he won on the course 14 years
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ago. >> some people think the super bowl could look alittle weird. >> there's a push to bring weird al to the super bowl. asks the nfl to make it happen. right now weird al is enjoying the biggest success with the new album "mandatory fun." the on-line pet vision has 30,000 signatures in days. >> job opportunities going up in smokes litted early. where they are refusing to hire people because of one bad habit. >> it sent a tourist bus on a crash course. why he shun the have been
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three security checkpoints at the airport in san jose, california. she got on a southwest flight and flew to los angeles an without a ticket. the judge gave her two years probation and ordered her to stay away from the airport. >> i believe strongly in the security of this country. that is very sptupid. i could give no idea or give hipts to anybody who was interested in doing that because it was wrong. >> this was the security major security breech at the san jose airport. in april a teen hopped a fence and stowed away in the wheel well in hawaii. >> terrifying time square crash, the driver was high on drugs. he had his driver's license suspended 11 times since 1993.
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he had his registration revoked nine times for being uninsured. they are still awaiting the results of the full toxicology reports. >> people applying for jobs in puma county saying they had been tobacco and nicotine free for a year and passed a test to prove it. they would have to pay a 30 percent premium sir charge. it would save money on health insurance costs. >> a man a monkey anded a selfie. he is battling wiki media. that they used one of his photos without credit. while indonesia a monkey crabbed his camera and snapped a selfie.
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the media insists the monkey took the photo not a human the photo is public domain. they are now considering filing a lawsuit. >> bank of america pay up. a settlement almost reached in the mortgage fraud case that helped cause the nation's economic crisis. jolene kent joins us with what consumers can expect from this deal. oo booing of america wi-- bank will pay the justice department 16 to $17 million for fraud len the mortgage backed securities that caused a financial crisis. if it goes through it will be the biggest civil settlement between the government and a company ever. they are set with 7 billion in so-called relief to consumers. the big fined are not nearly enough typically in these situations to reverse the damage done by the recession and foreclosures. we are also looking at google they are teaming up with barns
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and nobles teaming up with amazon. book worm in san francisco and here in new york city can get same daybook shopping google shopping express. otherwise it costs about $5 a delivery. this could be just what barns and nobles means despite the sagging numbers. it shut down 63 stores in the last five years. in social media and pinterest they have a messaging feature that allows you to discuss the pins you like. pinterest is doing well. it is more popular than twitter with more than 20 percent of american adults actually using it according to the pew research center. very interesting. taking a look at stock futures right now. the dow s insuranci&p all up. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. the fate of the man accused of
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>> a fun trip to the zoo gets a little wild for the people in dallas. >> we were five minutes into the monorail ride when it just stopped. >> firefighters had to use ladders get about 50 people down
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from the tracks. the zoo blamed a power surge. it happened in 2013 and once back in 2011. guess who got stuck, got free lunches and free zoo passes. >> an sos from a floating restaurant that is currently sinking into the ohio river. it has been closed down after it drifted away from its dock with customers dining inside the restaurant. now it is resting on the shallow part of the river. the owner will eventually reopen the restaurant the on dry landed. >> check out this incredible time lapse video in utah. you can see the whole hillside coming down. it destroyed one home and forced dizzy ens of families to evacuate. they haven't been allowed to move back. crews must wait for the area to dry out from the rain before a
2:24 am
more permanent solution can be found. >> you do everything you can to make sure your kids don't wander off or get lost. as your children get older it is impossible to be there all of the time. kid sport gps is changing that. alicia talked to the creators. >> how many kids are we looking for? >> five. >> the daughters and one son are the guys who developed kid sport gps a new way to keep track of your kids. >> according to this shea is right there. >> shea is supporting the bracelet registered to the cell phone app. the location right there on their phone. >> it can fined her bewithin the meters. >> they developed the sports banned bracelet after a beach vacation in mexico where a friends' kid went missing for
2:25 am
three hours. >> i came up with the idea every kid wears bands and bracelets and every parent has a cell phone. >> there's an option to create preset boundaries. if they leave it the text message gets to the parents. sullivan says he's heard criticism this is the ultimate in helicopter paren thing. >> it's quite the opposite. i will let her go. i give peace of mind knowing i can press a button and i know where she is. i want my kids to live a little bit like we did when we were kids. >> instead of a mom calling from the porch... >> hello. time to come home. >> the kids can hit a panic button and reach their parents immediately. >> that leaves us to today's "brew on this." is the tracking smart modern
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>> it is thursday, august 7th. an extreme weather uble trouble tourists. hawaii bracing for two hurricanes. maria molina tracking the path of the storms as they barrel
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toward land. >> a general slain in an insider attack makes his way back to the states from afghanistan. >> more than 1 billion pass words stolen in the hands of russian criminals. how do you protect pass words and your personal information. we have five ways to secure your log in. "fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> elvis presley to get you up and adam this morning. thank you for joining us this thursday august 7th. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers.
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thank you for beginning your day with us. half past the top of the hour. the first hurricane in more than 20-years is heading straight towards the big islanded today. there's another one right hined it. >> schools are already closed and the red cross preparing shelters. maria molina is tracking the storm. >> we are looking at the center of iselle hitting land fall as early as this afternoon. there has been some weakening it looks like taking place with iselle. it has been maintaining its strength. if has hacmaximum sustained win at 90 miles per hour. right behind it a second hurricane julio a category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds. it is starting to look sem n
2:32 am
symmetrical and having a clear eye wall. there is a little weakening in the forecast by thursday 8:00 p.m. a category 1 with max winds at 80 miles per hour. we are expecting as much as a foot of rain out here. in addition to the wined and the storm surge around the coastal areas. as we head into friday we are seeing the storm move west ward. we expect the center of the storm to maintain a generally for northern track compared to iselle. a close call coming up this wean weekend. we will keep an eye on it. >> the plane carrying the body of two star general harold greene is expected to touchdown
2:33 am
at dover air force base. we learn more information about the insider attack. in afghanistan. >> what have you learned? >> major general harold greene is almost hom following 30 years of service in the army. his remains will arrive at dover air force base in delaware inside a flag draped casket. flags on state buildings be will be lowered to half staff in his honor today. greene lives in falseburg, virginia a home he shared with his wife 25 years retired colonel sue meyers. greene graduated from west point the and is stationed in oklahoma. general greene will be buried at arlington national cemetery sometime next week. the ntagon says their top priority is taking care of the
2:34 am
family and the families of those injured in the insider attack. th latest from an africghan military he we know the in a bathroom with an assault rifle and fired out a window when a group greene was walking with got close enough. a fox news alert. the hoyeighest alert a level on response means increased staff and resources will be devoted to the outbreak. the families of the two infected americans you see there dr. kent brant lee and nurse writebol are there. the familiar is say they are united in their faith in jesus. a man in new york has tested negative for the virus. heather? >> sergeant bowe bergdahl facing more questions today from an army investigator. the army reading him his rights
2:35 am
during his first interview. he answered every question asked about the events surrounding his capture in afghanistan five years ago. the questioning comes three months after a controversial prisoner swap with five taliban prisoners. cutting trade ties with the united states. doug luzader is live in washington. what is our president saying about all of this. >> from a military stanned point this is what everybody is watching closely. the fear is russian forces are going to stream across this border and overwhelm the ukrainian military. >> they are engaged in had terrible violence but can't
2:36 am
match the ukrainian army. if you see an invasion by russia that's a different set of questions. we are not there yet. >> we may not-there yet but we are in the midst of sanctions battles. russia is firing back imposing new sanctions on meat, fish, milk and fruit. should russia invade ukraine it is not clear what the response will be. one critic says president obama is sending a message. >> he will be gone nor a month and we will see him come back. >> fighting in eastern ukraine has gotten so bad investigators looking at the downing of malaysia airflight has had to
2:37 am
suspend investigations. >> to the crisis in the mid e es they extended the current cease fire to tomorrow. hamas has yet to agree. they get underway in cairo, egypt. israel wants hamas to disarm. >> the first arrest in the attack that sparks the latest conflict. israel saying they obtained an alleged hamas member in the killing of the death of three teens. they were hitchhiking their bodies later found in the west bank. >> a jury expected to return today in the deliberations of the porch shooting trial. theodore waiver testified he shot an unarmed teenager in self defense when she showed up on his fron the porch drunk and
2:38 am
screaming. some comparing this trial to the trayvon martin case the teen that was shot in florida two years ago by george zimmerman. >> the 20-year-old daughter of demi moore and bruce willis in rehab. tallulah willis checked herself in for cocaine and drug abuse. demi moore was in rehab for substance abuse. >> the power of the people exploding on-line. an australian man slips between a platform and a train while boarding. they quickly swarmed to help push the train out of the way. we wanted it know woul you have done the same thing? >> strange that an act of humans working together looks odd and different. wish the world came together for humanity's sake. >> if people like this would
2:39 am
help one another more often without the thought of profiting on it the world would be a better place. >> restores our faith in ue manity. thank you for everyone for talking. would you hop in and help or keep moving? join the conversation on facebook page right after the show #keep talking. >> a black bear walked up right through that suburban neighborhood in new jersey and look poked through some garbage. >> here's another one showing that same bear. >> do you think this is real? it's got everyone here talking. the man who shot it says it is. the bear's front paws are injured in some way. that's why he can the put it down. >> it looks like a man in a bear outfit. >> it is 39 minutes after the top of the hour. ignore warning signs.
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: l investigations underway after a tourist crashes his drone into a hot springs at yellowstone national park. the drone in the waters of the iconic national springs. they retrieved the drone so it
2:44 am
doesn't upset the system. >> it let's 32 people dead. listen to this. captain francesco is teaching panic management services. the man is on trial for man slaughter is lecturing students of how to handle situations of panic and crisis. he infamously claims he did not abandon the ship but tripped and fell into a life boat that took him ashore. >> the diner owner offering the 15 percent discount if you pray before your meal says she is threatened by a lawsuit. she posted this sign the discounsel the is now discontinued. the freedom from religion in wisconsin threatening to sue her in south carolina saying the civil rights ak the makes it illegal to offer a discounsel the to believers and not nonbelievers. she says that's not the case.
2:45 am
>> this is not a religious thing this is a thankful thing it is an attitude of gratitude. she apologizes for any offense the discount has incurred. >> president obama promised the most transparent administration in history. >> good morning adam. >> this letter was written by 47 of the government's 73 inspectors general. ner independent watchdogs who investigate waste, freudianed mismanagement. the inspectors general say major answers like the jusce department peace corps and epa are imposing serious limitations on access to records simply by claiming the information is privileged. inspectors general writes this poses potentially serious challenges to their authority of
2:46 am
every inspector general. they sent that letter to members of over site committees and ice saw says this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. >> i have never seen a letter like this. this is inspectors general saying not just in the examples they gave but government wide it is a pattern making them unable to do their lives. if any one has transparency it should be the watchdogs in the government. >> heather and ainsley just to give you an idea of how in accordance they are remember madoff? the inspector general of the fcc, to show how efficient they were for several years because they ignored the complaints about nato. >> adam shapiro we are not ignoring you this morning. >> it is 14 minutes until the top of the hour.
2:47 am
over 1 billion on-line passports now in the hands of russian criminals. the five things you need to do right now. >> we are all strapped for time but there's a new reason to make sure you eat dinner as a family. how it could help your kids in school. first, look who is here, brian kilmeade. >> thanks for having me back. we will lead with our pass words on all of your sensitive documents. we will see how everyone reacts. some serious stuff. an american general killed in an insider attack in afghanistan. now we are getting details on what exactly took place. are the attacks on the rise and are officers being targeted. is al qaeda still on the run? mike rogers is here live to discuss it. karl rove will also join us. the chances of the republicans taking the senate stronger or weaker today?
2:48 am
actor jim kav vekavezel. hejesus. the math teacher who broke the guinness book of all time records for pullups for cancer research. baby picture edition send in yours today. see you soon.
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dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- could help your business didavoid hours of delaynd test caused by slow internet from the phone company? that's enough time to record a memo. idea for sales giveaway. return a call. sign a contract. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck.
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2:52 am
county, texas, including one against another border patrol agent. authorities believe the men may be related to the gulf drug cartel. they are charged with capital murder. take a look at this, the incredible moment a mortar round explodes in front of a car in ukraine and the driver survived. the man was driving near a rebel stronghold when the shell landed feet from his car sending chunks of asphalt into the air. the car destroyed by the driver okay. >> president obama says a lack of sensitivity to other religions and ethnic groups is the reason for terrorism around the world. >> part of the lesson we've all learned about terrorism is that it is possible in reaction to terrorism to actually accelerate the disease. if the response is one that alien ates populations or particular ethnic groups or
2:53 am
particular religions, one of the best inoculators against terrorist infiltration is a society in which everybody feels they have a stake in the existing order and they feel their grievances can be resolved through political means rather than through violence. >> but is a lack of understanding really what is driving terrorist groups like isis? the jihaddist stranded an estimated 40,000 people on a mountain in iraq without food and water and they are threatening to slaughter everyone if they attempt to escape. the c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america, pete hegseth, says this isn't surprising considering the united states's reaction to isis attacks. >> modern-day nazis. it is an example of how powerful they have become. they have pushed into lebanon and control territory. this is a legitimate terrorist organization controlling territories threatening innocent iraqis
2:54 am
who have nothing other but to plea at the floor of their government because their government isn't doing anything and americans aren't doing anything. >> since june isis captured three iraqi cities and control an 800 mile stretch of the syrian border. >> in the wake of a russian crime ring stealing more than a billion user naiments and pass orders -- names and passwords how to make it more secure. make it long, 14 to 25 characters is better. use a combination of letters and numbers, upper and lower case and intols. avoid words -- and symbols. avoid words in the dictionaries. substitute characters. for instance, replace the letter s with a dollar sign. never reuse passwords on other accounts. >> all good advice. the time 54 minutes after the top of the hour. it lets you know where your kids are even when you can't see them.
2:55 am
is this g.p.s. tracking bracelet helicopter parenting gone too far? ♪ ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪
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fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle.
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time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. eating dinner as a family can help your child do bett in school. new research finds gathering around the table four times a week helps kids learn, focus and develop social skills. for the bad, a would-be burglar caught on camera trying to break into a man's house. the system alerting the
2:59 am
homeowner who watched it play out from a meeting hundreds of miles away. the ugly. a super model tossing out the first pitch at a los angeles dodgers game. the pitch not too bad but the tweet before it makes this ugly. she says this: i'm pretty drunk. >> one minute till the top of the hour. would he told you about a new g.p.s. bracelet than track your kids' whereabouts. we asked you is this smart, or does it go too far? >> mark says i'm not a big fan of this. if parents are raising their kids right they shouldn't need them. >> why wouldn't a parent want to know where their children are at all times? >> renee says it's crossing the line. thanks to earn who responded. this is -- tharches to everyone who responded. >> a subway save. would you hop in and help oror would you keep moving?
3:00 am
let's talk about it after the show on our facebook page, that's #keeptalking. interesting what people have to say. >> i think you'd jump in. >> you would think so but lz disa -- lisa said she was falling down the stairs and no one helped her. >> hey everybody. it is thursday, august 7, 2014. it will be the first hurricane to slam hawaii in 25 years and right behind that another one. we're tracking both. >> president obama defending his use of executive action. >> the american people don't want me standing around and waiting for congress to get something done. >> really? is the president going to act alone on his own on immigration? the hint the president is giving, the latest one ahead. >> i believe a student may have to give up on her


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